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Squinting as you experience a sunny day or even frowning can cause the skin between your eyebrows to begin to wrinkle. As your skin loses elasticity, strength, and firmness these facial expressions can cause permanent frown lines. With the help of Xeomin, the persistent lines between your eyebrows can be effectively treated.


“Just had a visit with coastal medical aesthetics it was amazing no bruising just beautiful results! Plus the girls are so sweet and professional at the same time. I will continue to use there services no need to seek Elsewhere! Thank you so much for you care and service every time.”

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What is Xeomin? 

Xeomin is formulated with botulinum toxin type A and is an injectable treatment that is placed into the forehead muscles to address unwanted frown lines. Xeomin is a smart toxin that utilizes a double filtration system using the XTRACT Technology™ process. This process has been developed to remove unnecessary proteins from the product before injection. This allows patients to only receive what is necessary for their frown line treatments. This fast-acting treatment is injected into the muscles to block their nerve signals. This can minimize wrinkles by decreasing muscle activity in your areas of insecurity.  

Who is a Candidate for Xeomin? 

Candidates for Xeomin include adults experiencing moderate to severe glabellar lines. Individuals with allergies to botulinum toxin and individuals with skin infections in the injection area should avoid treatment. The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for Xeomin is through a one-on-one consultation with an injector specialist at Coastal Medical Aesthetics.  

The Xeomin Treatment 

Before your Xeomin injectable treatment begins, a topical anesthetic or an ice pack can be applied to the cleansed treatment area to reduce any possible discomfort. You will then wait for the numbing cream to become effective before your injection begins. Afterward, your highly educated and experienced injector will carefully inject your forehead muscles with the Xeomin formulation. The number of units that you require will be based on the severity of the glabellar lines that you have. Xeomin injection appointments take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to complete. 

Xeomin Recovery and Results 

Recovery after your Xeomin injectable treatment is mild, calling for no recovery time. This will allow you to resume your normal day-to-day without the need to take time off from work or rearrange your schedule. It is recommended that you do not massage any treatment areas that have been injected because this can cause the Xeomin product to migrate into the wrong areas, causing facial weakness or droopiness. Side effects that you may experience include itchiness, redness, and swelling. You may notice your results begin to emerge after three to four days, but it can take up to one month for your full results to settle in. Xeomin is known to last an average of three months, however, this can vary from one patient to another. To maintain your wrinkle-free skin, you can schedule regular appointments as needed. 

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in smoothing your frown lines with a purified treatment, Xeomin may be the right neuromodulator for you.  To learn more about Xeomin, contact us to schedule a consultation today at Coastal Medical Aesthetics in Carlsbad, CA. We will happily create a personalized treatment plan for your needs.