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While looking for the right dermal filler for your lips, you may be striving for structure, a natural look and feel, and flexibility that moves with your dynamic expressions. Restylane Kysse combines these features using XpresHAn Technology™. This technology is a crosslinked hyaluronic acid gel substance that creates a natural result mimicking the real feeling of your lips.


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What is Restylane Kysse?

Restylane Kysse is a dermal filler treatment that adds a natural fullness to your lips. This dermal injectable improves lip shape, volume, and symmetry. The treatment can also hydrate, tone, and smooth the lips. This filler is designed for movement and expression, allowing the lips to move as they naturally would after treatment. With innovative technology, the product integrates into your natural tissue to move with you while giving a naturally soft fullness to the lips.

Who is a Candidate for Restylane Kysse?

Candidates for Restylane Kysse include individuals who experience insecurity due to the look of their lips. The look of your lips can be a result of genetics, the aging process, and lifestyle. Many patients come into the office with goals of achieving a symmetrical smile, natural-looking fullness, correction of perioral lines, lips with a defined cupid’s bow, and improved lip color and texture. The best way to determine which dermal filler is best for your lip goals is through a consultation with one of our expert injectors at Coastal Medical Aesthetics.

The Restylane Kysse Treatment

During the Restylane Kysse treatment, our professional injectors do not need to use any numbing because the product is formulated with the local anesthetic lidocaine. This will help to numb and reduce any discomfort possible during your injectable treatment. Your dermal filler injector will then precisely mark the treatment areas which they are going to inject the filler with. Afterward, they will carefully inject the Restylane Kysse formulation through a small needle to volumize, reshape, and smooth any areas that you would like addressed. The amount of product that you need is based on your goals, if you have previously had filler, and how much volume your lips already have. Restylane Kysse injections take approximately 15 minutes allowing you to conveniently receive filler on your lunch break or in between errands.

Restylane Kysse Recovery and Results

Recovery after your lip injection treatment is rather mild. After treatment, you can resume activities as normal. It is important to avoid exercise, heat, and UV rays for the first 24 hours after your appointment. You may experience temporary bruising, swelling, and redness on your lips. To maintain your desired level of lip fullness, you can schedule regular maintenance appointments as needed.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in dermal lip fillers, Restylane Kysse can give you the voluptuous look that you desire. To find out if Restylane Kysse is right for you, contact us to schedule a consultation today at Coastal Medical Aesthetics in Carlsbad, CA and we will happily create a personalized treatment plan for your dermal filler needs.