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Injectable treatments are cosmetic treatments that are inserted into the muscles or under the skin to treat a wide variety of aesthetic concerns. These treatments are minimally invasive and offer a variety of long-lasting benefits. Injectable treatments offer enhancements that can minimize wrinkles, reduce fat, and contour the body and face in the ways that you desire. We offer a diverse range of injectable treatments to cater to a variety of different cosmetic concerns and needs. To learn more about the injectable treatments we offer at Coastal Medical Aesthetics, continue reading. 

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We are trusted San Diego botox & skin care professionals with over 30 years of experience in the skin care industry. We would love to be your trusted partner when it comes to botox procedures, injectables, lip fillers and laser skin treatments. We also perform body treatments such as sculpting, chemical peels and more. We are a trusted Allergan Premier Partner and a top ranked medical spa here in San Diego. Our staff includes registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians. You are in good hands, call us at 858-705-4489 or fill out our form. We’d love to say hello!