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Read our testimonials from our clients. We have worked with over 5,000 happy clients and we love them all! We are committed to keeping you looking beautiful and young. Read what they had to say and become a happy client with your chance to leave us a positive note. We are known as The Botox Experts and skin care professionals based out of San Diego.

11/17/2020 – Annie did my treatment and she was so kind and she explained everything as the procedure went on.

10/28/2020 – Absolute Excellence !!!

10/5/2020 – Hanna was wonderful and very helpful

9/18/2020 – Everything wonderful as usual, especially Emily was wonderful today! Thank you so much
9/10/2020 – Love the way they listen to what my concerns are and areas I want to focus on. Made addition suggestions but no pressure. Very professional!!!

9/8/2020 – Amazing staff

8/22/2020 – Professional and overall great experience!

8/21/2020 – Thank you Lyndsey and Sydney for a great experience

7/30/2020 – Very nice women who assisted me

7/22/2020 – Thank you for making Coastal MY FAVORITE place! Just love you girls!!!

7/10/2020 – LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls!!!!! Thank you Coastal!

7/8/2020 – Tara is amazing. Also the beautiful girl who checked me out was so kind .

7/3/2020 – This was my first visit and I am beyond impressed. My nurse made me feel so comfortable and actually important. Can we be best friends?! Lol. Great environment, great staff, very knowledgeable about the products. I will be a forever patient from now on!

6/24/2020 – Today was my first time at Coastal Medical. And I will definitely be returning. The girls were very sweet, and friendly… as well as skilled. I left the office looking 7-10 years younger.

6/12/2020 – Great job Maggie!!!

6/11/2020 – It was a great visit. Everyone is so helpful and professional!

6/9/2020 – Always love visiting the girls!!!!

5/30/2020 – Maggie is always awesome. She is the best. Thank you.

5/20/2020 – Always amazing you guys! From beginning to start!!!

3/17/2020 – “Tara was amazing!! She made me feel comfortable and was very knowledgeable. Nothing but amazing!!  Only been 72hes and my Botox results already look amazing!  Can’t wait to see full results!”

3/13/2020 – Great!!

2/27/2020 – I love the beautiful nurse I have been working with for almost 2 years and I have been with this business for 4 years please keep Tara for a long time

2/22/2020 -Thank you Claudia!

2/14/2020 – Courteous and professional staff. Excellent customer service from both Hannah and Maggie.

2/2/2020 – This salon saved me!!! The customer service was amazing (Hanna) and the RN (Alicia) was fantastic and patient and was just so great!!!!

1/24/2020 – Everyone was was so very warm and welcoming! They all were helpful and explained things very clearly!!

1/24/2020 – Met Lindsay for my Botox treatment. Listened to my concern and had great feedback. I liked how she mapped out my forehead with dots before doing the Botox. 🙂

1/20/2020 – Coastal Medical !!!! These lovely ladies have done it again! Thank YOU for making me always feel like your ONLY patient 😉 It is so refreshing to stop in for an overhaul lol … Thank you JEN – you continue to make this process fun and I have no idea how you do it. You girls are the best of the best and I truly appreciate ALL you do!!!

1/17/2020 – Jennifer was very helpful and so funny.

12/17/2019 – Thanks for the reminder Jennifer!!! How do you do it? !!! You are simply the best!

12/14/2019 – Xxooxoxo

12/6/2019 – Sabrina was very professional Rn who communicated well regarding my skin & her work. A lovely smart young Lady.

12/4/2019 – Everything and everyone was perfect in every way.

11/29/2019 – The girls i worked with were awesome. The nurse was so knowledgeable and so good at injections that minimized the pain.

11/27/2019 – Maggie and a Jennifer are AWESOME!! Thanks ladies!!!

11/10/2019 – Great customer service and work. Always happy with the results of the treatment. Highly recommend.

10/29/2019 – Jennifer is always so professional, knowledgeable and really knows her stuff! I am so thankful for her! She has this way about her that puts me at complete ease. What a great asset and addition to the Coastal Medical Team!!! 🙂

9/19/2019 – Your staff is great, Jessie, Blair, Sabrina, they were very helpful, professional, friendly and caring.

9/12/2019 – E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G about these wonderful ladies and this establishment is simply WONDERFUL. !!! 🙂

9/9/2019 – Staff is always exceptional.

9/6/2019 – Jane was great! Thank you Jane!

8/15/2019 – Mariana & Madison are excellent with personal & professional customer service. Always taking care of me, their client! They are wonderful! I would trust them with all methods of facial and body aesthetics. Very satisfied! Thank you.

8/2/2019 – Madison was thorough and informative with my treatment today. Saving my pennies to add extra treatments next time!!!

7/29/2019 – Tara is amazing!

7/22/2019 – Everyone is pleasant and respectful..thank you.

7/10/2019 – Love my peeps there. Like a family!!

6/27/2019 – Blair and Tara we’re knowledgeable + outgoing! They promised I’ll end up looking like Cindy Crawford, Wink

6/4/2019 – Great Service from Jennifer and Madison as always!! Also love the quality of work that Madison, always Happy with my results. Super recommend.

5/29/2019 – Wonderful staff!

5/2/2019 – Staff are very friendly with soothing music playing.

4/27/2019 – You guys are AMAZING!!! I am so happy with Maggie and my treatment! Thank you to all.

4/16/2019 – It was so nice to see Claudia ! Everyone was wonderful.

4/12/2019 – Excellent service as always. Love ALL the girls, they are always so helpful and kind. I am very busy with school and they always make time for me. I won’t go anywhere else!

4/11/2019 – Love you all! Thanks so much for such wonderful service!

3/23/2019 – Will do it again. Pls keep up all the great work & service. More discounts or good deals. Thanks.

3/21/2019 – L-O-V-E !!!

3/20/2019 – Madison is incredibly talented. We love her!!!

3/7/2019 – Maggie is the BEST!

2/28/2019 – Stephanie was very nice and gentle , very professional.

2/23/2019 – Excellent customer service!

2/22/2019 – Renee and Jessica were great.

2/5/2019 – Love you all!

2/5/2019 – Everyone was very friendly and helpful and fun.

2/1/2019 – All the sweet ladies! Love you all.

1/31/2019 – Awesome experience from start to finish … AS ALWAYS!!! My fave place!

1/29/2019 – Just love the care for clients.

1/12/2019 – Tara is one of the best I’ve worked with.

1/12/2019 – What a great team! Such a great experience . The new Secret works wonders for the face inspite of the uncomfortable feeling around the cheeks. Recovery time also amazing. You all are the best. Thanks for everything!

1/9/2019 – Madison & Jennifer are the best!

12/22/2018 – Thank you Jennifer for all you do to make me beautiful!

12/22/2018 – Everyone is always so helpful and kind!

12/21/2018 – Maggie is awesome!

12/13/2018 – Excellent service over the phone as always. Thank you!

11/27/18 – Great experience!!

11/10/18 – Love everything about this place … Simply the BEST!

9/11/18 – I have already referred a friend. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!!!

9/8/18 – Every staff member is always accommodating, helpful, kind and attractive.

9/7/18 – Always happy. Thank You so much

8/30/18 – Everything was wonderful! Great people- love coming – you are all the best! Thank you.

8/7/18 – Beyond helpful and amazingly knowledgeable staff. The treatment I received was administered with gentle precision. I WILL be back!!

7/13/18 – Love these girls

7/5/18 – Thanks ladies, awesome as usual

6/29/2018 – Everything was excellent! I had wonderful service at the front desk. Maci did an excellent job with my threading. Maggie, as always, was wonderful. Renee was a big help setting me all up for my next appointment.

6/1/2018 – Wonderful

5/26/2018 – Maggie is the best

5/2/2018 – XoXo 🙂

4/19/2018 – Wonderful, genuine staff. Really appreciate Marianna and Tara. They make me feel like I’m in good hands

4/19/2018 – Tara is a super professional girl !

4/10/2018 – Everyone has been fantastic and overall my experience has been great. Thank you!!

4/1/2018 – The whole experience was amazing I think you guys very very much

3/22/2018 – FANTASTIC Service and results. Tara ROCKS!

3/13/2018 – “Fabulous environment and friendly professional service and staff! Can’t wait to return!”

3/9/2018 – Maggie is AWESOME

2/23/2018 – Tara and Jennifer are amazing! They truly know how to address my needs and reach my goals way beyond my expectations!

2/21/2018 – Amazingly positive experience!

2/17/2018 – Madison is the best!

2/13/2018 – “The staff was great! Looking forward to coming back in. Thank you”

2/10/2018 – Love Tara!

2/2/2018 – I was able to get in on the same day which made me happy. I also felt very comfortable with the staff. I love the quality of the services I received. Thanks so much!

2/2/2018 – Jennifer provided courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional service which was superior to what I normally experience in the world.

1/16/2018 – Claudia is the best!!!!

1/7/2018 – Blair & Maggie made it easy, personable, and very pleasant. I’m so excited to see how it looks. Its only been a couple of hours, but II feel great. They answered all my questions and I appreciate their not rushing me. Talk about enjoying an experience!! Thanks Blair for being so thorough and upbeat and Maggie for being so informative and gentle in the process.

12/19/17 – Tara is fabulous

12/25/17 – Maggie terrific! She is remarkably knowledgeable and her expertise shines through in performance. Not only does she have magic hands, but a caring voice that follows any concerns I may have. This is my second time going to her for year trough filler and I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else! Thank you, Maggie! You make every visit a first class experience that not only fills my face, but heart, too (pun intended).❤️I never worry that you will take the very best care of me and my needs and you are very appreciated.

11/15/17 – Love Claudia. She’s amazing!!!!

11/7/17 – L-O-V-E… xoxoxo !

9/26/17 – Capital “L” OVE my girls!!!!!

9/23/17 – Everything was great. I felt very comfortable and the support was excellent. I would highly recommend Jen and Tara for any services that they provide.

9/15/17 – Enthusiastic staff, very knowledgeable and helpful.

9/9/17 – Super friendly staff willing to give customized service to their clients.

9/5/17 – Great.

8/29/17 – EVERYTHING was perfect, AS ALWAYS. Love you guys!!!

8/18/17 – You guys are fabulous!!

8/15/17 – AWESOME!

8/11/17 – Blair, Tara and Jen are the best!

8/8/17 – A++++ 🙂

8/1/17 – Everything! I always love my visits with Coastal Medical! A++++ in every category! Thanks Ladies!

7/31/17 – Everyone was awesome, Jen, Amy & Tara. Great follow-up as well. Thanks ladies!

7/14/17 – Maggie and Ruby are a great team! All the services I received were done with precision and great care. Thank you for today!

7/10/17 – Thank you for educating me on a new alternative to lip augmentation.

7/3/17 – I just adore Jen and Blair. You have the most amazing employees ever!

6/30/17 – Excellent staff – thank you.

6/30/17 – Maggie is great!

6/27/17 – Very capable staff.

6/27/17 – Very knowledgeable and calming staff for a first time Botox client!

6/9/17 – Very nice and helpful staff. Didn’t try to up-sale.

6/7/17 – As always, a great experience!

6/6/17 – I loved both Maggie and Blair. They were so wonderful. Looking forward to going back.

6/6/17 – It didn’t hurt!

5/19/17 – You guys were the best!! Claudia has brought so many good people like you on board!! Thank you Tara and Blair!!

5/18/17 – Jennifer and Mariana are helpful and delightful!

5/17/17 – Very helpful and friendly.

5/1/17 – Fabulous staff . So friendly and helpful.

4/28/17 – Maggie is absolutely fabulous and such a delight. She made my experience oh so special.

4/24/17 – Excellent all the way!

4/14/17 – They were very patient and explained everything to me, they were also beyond friendly and funny. They made me feel safe because they were very thorough and professional. I just got it today so I’ll see how it kicks in this week but so far so good, my plan is to definitely come back and get kybella –

4/5/17 – Everyone was so professional, on time and knowledgeable. I LOVE my new face! 🙂

4/1/17 – Tara is great. Friendly and professional!

3/11/17 – Love Tara! Service is great and not pressured.

3/3/17 – The lady who did my laser hair removal was awesome. Very knowledgeable and super friendly.

2/20/17 – Love the whole team!!!!

2/17/17 – Love all the ladies of Coastal and I recommend all my friends come see them!

2/3/17 – Always a pleasant experience.

2/2/17 – Love Maggie ❤

1/1/17 – All great! Thanks!!

12/29/16 – Jennifer was awesome! Thanks!

12/16/16 – EXCELLENT service in all categories. I never feel pressured. This is my first time with having procedures and the whole experience has been great. Thanks so much! 🙂

12/16/16 – Friendly and competent!

12/1/16 – Wonderful people. Beautiful inside & out.

11/30/16 – Great to meet such wonderful people

11/30/16 – I think Terra is fabulous. She is like an artist! Very kind and considerate .

11/25/16 – Jennifer as always is very helpful and super great 🙂

11/21/16 – Jennifer was great! Explained my many questions and wasn’t pushy at all. Thanks. I’m looking forward to the results.

10/22/16 – It was a very good experience thank you.

10/21/16 – Tara was wonderful.

9/28/16 – Tara is absolutely fantastic! Came in today for a consult and will be returning tomorrow for treatment.

9/23/16 – Lindsay is the best. She is competent, professional and always pleasant. I am always pleased with the results of the IPL treatments she performs on me.

9/22/16 – Tara was very nice and gives amazing service!

9/12/16 – Super friendly and professional!

9/1/16 – A wonderful experience as usual at Coastal I highly recommend going there. Stephanie and Jennifer are just great! You couldn’t ask for nicer, more competent people.

8/12/16 – All the nurses are awesome 🙂

8/5/16 – Claudia was awesome as usual! I have been a loyal customer of Claudia for many years and will continue.

8/4/16 – They were able to fit me in right away and I was very satisfied I have a very tight and hectic schedule so this meant a lot as I hardly have time for myself these days, this really really made me feel good. Thank you!

7/30/16 – Always a great experience!

7/19/16 – Experience always lovely. Stephanie is an artist and Jennifer co-ordinates It all so beautifully?❤️❤️?

June 8, 2016 – Very happy with Tara’s work, she is very knowledgeable. 1st time using Kybella and feel good about the upcoming results.

May 26, 2016 – Stephanie was great, as always. I’m very satisfied with what she suggest & her expertise in this field. Thank you.

May 23, 2016 – Tara is just absolutely fabulous and amazing and I’m looking forward to my next appointment with her.

May 23, 2016 – Tara was wonderful!

May 21, 2016 – Lindsay was AMAZING!!

May 13, 2016 – Lyndsay is wonderful!!!

April 7, 2016 – Claudia is a true artist!!!!

March 30, 2016 – Tara is excellent and very professional and very precise.

February 26, 2016 – Lindsay is great!

February 23, 2016 – Great experience. Look forward to returning for additional services

February 16, 2016 – Stephanie was amazing. I look forward to seeing her again in the future.

February 10, 2016 – Stephanie is an artist as well as Professional. Always feel welcome and Comfortable. Will be back again❤️

February 8, 2016 – Stephanie is the best!

January 14, 2014 – You got everything right! From the initial phone conversation to the quality of your work, it’s all A-1 and excellent. I’ll be back.

I recently had my first Botox experience at their Little Italy location and am loving it! The girls answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. As expected, I saw results in a few days and am no longer squishing up my forehead creating wrinkles! Thank you ladies!!  – Tiffany M.

The first time I went, I had Claudia. She did amazing and I had juvederm put in my upper lip only, as I have a fuller lower lip anyway. I just went and saw Patty a few days ago, and we did more than last time but she stopped and let me see as she went so I was very involved, which was good as I didn’t want my lips to look unnatural. I will definitely be back!!!! LOVE LOVE all the ladies there!  – Erica P.

I shopped around for a long time before I found Claudia Obermann. She is an artist and a true, fair professional. I would recommend her to anyone.  – Tracy T.

Claudia and her team are wonderful. I always feel I look great after seeing them and their specials are fantastic!  – Cate A.

Enjoyable experience every time. Great customer service! Thanks Coastal Medical!  – Ashley N.

I love my results and knowledgeable, caring staff! I highly recommend to anyone wanting a lift!!  – Renee D.

Great staff! Everyone is friendly and they give good advice.  – Heather G.

Such a great place full of great woman!  – Jennifer M.

I love Coastal Medical Aesthetics! They are so professional with great results!  – Tracy D.

Amazing results! Thank you Claudia!  – Marianne S.

They are great!!!  – Alexie H.

Love these professional people!  – Marina A.

Wonderful!  – Deb Q.

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